How to build a high-performing team

Whether you're a coder or marketer at a five-person startup, or one of tens of thousands of employees at a sprawling multinational company, the one thing you can be certain of is that you'll be working in one or more teams.

Teams are the most fundamental unit around which every company is organized. When teams work well, companies design, produce, and ship great products and services. And the most successful leaders in any organization tend to be the ones who can build and motivate teams to achieve common goals.

One of the clearest signs of an experienced leader is the attention she pays to her people and her teams

- Lindred Greer, an associate professor of organizational behavior at Stanford Graduate School of Business

Greer has spent her career studying teams, which she defines as "groups of three to 10 people who work together interdependently toward a common task." And, from her research she has developed a deep understanding of what makes teams effective. In a recent article on Stanford's website, Greer shared three suggestions for building and managing effective teams.